How to Connect a Sanyo DVD recorder to an external tuner and TV

Recording a favorite TV program using a DVD recorder can be made possible using an external tuner if your DVD How to Connect a DVD recorder to an external tuner and TVrecorder does not have an in-built tuner. Sanyo DVD recorders with new digital tuners are functional for off-air antenna recording. Those without built-in tuners have coaxial cable inputs as well as line inputs where external tuners may be connected. In such instances, recording is done from the line input where the external tuner is connected. You can therefore record using the external tuner such as a converter box, or a satellite box, depending on what the signal source is for the RF cable.

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The process of connecting a DVD to an external tuner and the television is dependent on the signal input and output of each device. Many DVD’s have both the FC and the RF  signal output and input, although there are some with only the RF signal input and output but the idea is just the same for both. The output from the tuner goes to the input of the DVD and the output of the DVD goes to the input the television. First of all, you will need two 75 ohms coaxial cables and 1 to 2 sets of RCA cables. Before starting the connections, make sure that each device can comfortably support the output and the input signal sources that you wish to use. For example, you cannot use a coaxial cable to connect the RF output from the external tuner to the RF input of the DVD recorder if the latter does not have RF input ability. If the above stated conditions are achieved then you can follow the steps below:

  • Insert one end of the coaxial cable into the RF signal output of your external tuner and the other end into the RF signal input of your Sanyo DVD recorder. Instead of using the coaxial cable, you can as well connect the RCA signal outputs from the external tuner to the RCA inputs of the DVD recorder. While doing this, you should mind about the color coordinates by inserting the plug into the jack that matches its color.
  • Using the second coaxial cable, connect the RF output from your DVD recorder to the RF input at the back of your television. You can as well use the second set of the RCA cables to connect the RCA outputs from your DVD recorder to the RCA input panel on the TV.
  • Then tune your DVD recorder and the TV to a common channel, say 3 and use the input button on the TV’s remote control to set the video input channel to the input channel specified for the input source on your external tuner used to connect your DVD recorder to it.

You might have done the connections properly but it may seem that nothing is working as expected. This could mean that there might be a little problem with your Sanyo Digital Video Recorder and TV.

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Best Turntable Under 1000$ – Best Record Player Under $1000 Reviews

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Best Headphones for Classical Music Under $100

Today, headphones have grown from being used to only listen to audio music in private to a highly sought after fashion. Whether you want to listen to high energy orchestral symphony or private listening of your favorite classical concerto,  great sounding headphones will certainly enhance your experience.  Knowing that a high quality earphone will make a difference,  the following review table on some of the best headphones for Classical music under 100 bucks will help you choose your preferred earbuds.

Top Headphones for Classical Music Under 100 Dollars Reviews Table

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1. JVC HARX900

JVC HARX900These headphones have a closed ear design meaning that the cover the ears completely allowing just minimal sound leakage. They have a frequency response of 7-26,000Hz and they can reproduce an amazing sound stage which you use to identify the location of each instrument as the sound echoes in your ear.

Advantages this earphone

· The lows are deep and tight with a great punch

· They do not saturate the mix

· They have an amazing mid-range that is clear and distinct

· They are very balanced with the bass and mids

What’s Lacking from JVC HA RX900 headphones

· The high frequency does not extend as far but they sound better with age.



AKG K240AKG K240 headphones feature a classic design ideal for use in a home studio. They have a low impedance and they produce a remarkably high volume especially when used with keyboards, portable studios, drum machines and other studio gears.

The features include a circumaural pads to provide comfort when worn for a long time, an integrated semi open air design with accurate dynamic transducer for quality and natural sound and a frequency ranging from 15Hz-25,000Hz.


· They are super clear with an amazing and well defined sound stage bass

· They have great dynamics

· They are comfortable with an excellent fit and finish

What is Lacking for AKG K240 Earphones

· The plastic components in the ear cups are weak and they easily wear out.

3. SENNHEISER HD-280 PRO Earphone Under $100

SENNHEISER HD-280 PROThis SENNHEISER HD-280 PRO is the latest headphone design by Sennheiser. It has a closed design that cover the entire ear and it is ideal for a more professional environment. This headphones have an extremely robust construction combined with an aggressive noise isolation, modular design and high sound quality.

the HD 280 unique collapsible design together with swiveling ear cups make these headphones highly flexible.


· They provide a clean audio performance

· They are comfortable to use and durable

· The significantly reduce ambient noise

What is bad about this headphones?

· Their cable is not detachable

· They are more appropriate for a more professional setting rather than personal listening.


BLUEANT PUMPThese headphones are a great choice active people who want to take music with them, they are specifically design for fitness enthusiasts. They are waterproof to a depth of one meter though they are not suitable for swimming. They safe to wash using running water and they can also block dirt, sweat and salt.

These headphones have a neckband design and they are made using Teflon and Kevlar so that they can survive being thrown around especially when working out.

Why buy the BLUEANT PUMP Earbuds?

· They have a remote control which is easy to operate


· The earbuds are quite uncomfortable and they do not fit well

· The long bands can snag on the collars

5. GRADO SR60i

Grado SR60iThe Grado SR601 is a perfect accessory, you will get amazing sound for half the price compared to other headphones with the same quality of sound like Samsung level on ear.

These headphones have remained unchanged for years, they have a unique design that cannot be matched. They have an outer shell earpiece perforations necessary for their open back and an on the ear’ design.

Unfortunately, the perforations means that they cannot be used when travelling or in any public place due to the high sound leakage but you can enjoy their amazing sound in your own privacy.

All in all, Grado SR60i remain one of the best headphones in the market.

Pros of The Grado SR60i headset

· The sounds are amazing in all aspects

· They are durable

· Great value

Cons Grado SR60i

· The leaky sound makes it impossible to use then in public places

· Their sound may bet harsh with increase in volume


Sony MDR-V55The Sony MDR-V55 model resembles Dre. They have clear sounds with a powerful outburst. This headphones are among the lightest in the market weighing 220 grams only. Though they may look quite bulky on the outside, they are very flexible and comfortable to wear even for long hours thanks to the padding on the earcups.

Pros of this MDR V55 sony Headphones

· They can be mistaken for Dre which is more expensive due to their modern design.

· They have an extremely powerful bass which makes them perfect for people who like loud music.

· Their sound is completely clean with noise isolation feature

· They are flexible, you just need to flip them for easy storage.

· They come in different colors, the basic colors being white and black and a supplementary color running through the cord which adds a nice touch to the design.

What is not good about this Earbuds

· They have a short cable

· The padding on the earcups wears out fast and it is not enough

7. SOLITUDE XCS 2 Dual Driver, Active Noise Canceling Headphones

SOLITUDE XCSManufactured by solitude design, solitude XCS is a headphone brand that specializes in designing noise cancellation headphones. These headphones can cancel outside noise of up to 18 decibels which is enough to hush air-conditioning system noise, traffic noise as engine noise.

When it comes to its design, solitude XCS excels in comfort with headbands and padded cups to give you a comfortable experience when listening.

They may look bulky even after taking off the padding from the cups but are very comfortable.

The left ear cup has the switch for noise cancellation, light indicator, volume control and the jack to detach the cable. Similar to other headphones, their noise cancellation runs on AAA batteries.

Major features include

· Quality sound ideal for use in a studio

· Two AAA batteries with 40 hour battery life

· An airline adapter

· A carrying case

· They are lightweight

· Cable length of 1.4m

What set this apart

· They easily fold for easy storage

· They have a detachable cable with a minijack connection

· They come with a free one year loss protection and a soft leatherette pouch


· They do not play loud when used with iPod

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Some Effective Tips of Buying The Best DVD Recorder

With numerous DVD models available in the market with thousands of specification that you might have not even heard before, it becomes a little difficult to decide what to buy and what not. Searching the best DVD recorder can be a little overwhelming but here is the guide for Some effective tips of buying the best DVD recordersome savvy shoppers. The entire effort to choose the right DVD recorder is to have better image quality, surround sound that can make your video even more lively and high quality recording. Today you can record live shows that you can play later and it offers you massive recording space on its hard drive.

To simplify the process of choosing the right recorder, here is a checklist that can make your big picture even more enjoyable.

Knowing the format

In totality there are seven formats available that are DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+ R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD+RW, DVD-RW AND DVD+R/RW also called as dual formatting. Here R stands write once and RW is for rewritable. R/RW is among the most popular format used but you can choose is as per your requirement and the budget. Some people believe that there is no significance of the + and – signs but they do make a difference. DVD-R/RW is comparatively cheaper and is backward compatible. DL format support higher capacity and can have space up to 8.5 GB. Standard Ram is useable up to 100,000 tomes and you can enjoy simultaneous playback and recording.

Time shift feature

The ability of a DVD recorder to pause and play back live TV program even when it is recording is called as time shift. The feature is quite popular and now you can get them with HDD recording feature. If you are a sports fan or a television freak then you surely need to get the feature on your DVD recorder.

Choosing of the hard drive space

The two major categories that DVD recorder features are recording on the DVD itself or on an in-built hard drive. Most of the recorders feature the latter and its biggest advantage is the huge storage space that it has to offer. The feature is worth money as you can store your data up to 400GB of space and can store video for as long as whopping 600 hours. On-board hard drive also features extremely good recording and playback. Expect a little more to pay while picking a HDD recorder but this is one must have.

Connectivity option

Beside considering the video quality and the recording hours once also has to look for the connectivity option. Look for whether it has component, composite-video, S-video or Firewire options, Firewire is good if you need to connect your camcorder to the DVD player. Latest recorders even feature memory card on board reader and support HDMI output for videos and you can connect it with a single cable to the flat panel TV.

Other things to look out for is the ease of using the recording, do not opt for anything complicated that your family members will not be able to understand. Last but not the least is the pricing option, check for online options to compare the features and the price so that you can get the best DVD recorder.

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Digital Voice Recorders – Professional Vs Consumer Models

There are many brand-new digital voice recorders available. Due to the large selection of digital voice recorders available one must always choose the recorder that fits you or your business needs. Many people will use a digital voice recorder for simple things like meetings/memos while others might benefit from a digital voice recorder with transcription capabilities. This is a short guide to help you out pin point things you should consider before purchasing a digital voice recorder.  

Digital Recording vs. Tape Recording : Digital Voice Recorders are definitely the new standard in voice recording.   No longer do you have deal with buying several tapes, a broken tape, or poor audio quality. Digital audio lasts longer than tapes therefore you also  can’t feed a tape in to a PC.   Many tape recorder models are being phased out and development has slowed up. A digital voice recorder certainly is the way to.

Connecting a digital Voice Recorder to your laptop or computer : Most base model digital voice recorders  don’t help you connect to a pc for downloading audio recordings. However, you  don’t have to pay an arm and leg for a recorder that has PC connectivity. The majority of the mid to upper range voice recorders allow you to connect to a PC via USB cable, docking stop or direct connection. I would highly recommend buying a recorder containing PC connectivity.

Info Storage of Digital Words Recorders : Most digital voice recorders lately can handle storing other types of data additionally recorded audio. Most recorders have integrated flash memory and can double being a USB mass storage device much like a jump drive that you can store files like documents or images. The Olympus WS selection voice recorders actually break up apart and one half can be used as a jump get.

Consider What Features You would like : Will you use ones recorder for professional transcription purposes or work with it to record memos? You will generally pay more for digital recorders which happen to have transcription features and less for digital recorders that will don’t. Compare the digital voice recorders you will be considering and focus on which features you need and  don’t need.

Recording time for Digital Words Recorders : Most digital voice recorders advertise their highest possible recording time; some boast as much as 555 hours with 2  GB’s with memory.   Don’t put an excessive amount stock in this since this recording time should be on the lowest top quality setting, which is awful, in fact I  don’t know why anyone would ever tend to record at the cheapest quality. On the highest audio quality setting the same 2  GB’s of random access memory will record only thirty five hours of audio. Be sure to verify how long you may record in all the standard modes before you buy. Also, if you are planning on transcribing your recordings using voice to print software or voice recognition software it will require high quality audio recordings.
A voice digital recorder has a lot of functions, and if you’re somebody who’s fonder of listening than writing or viewing, this is one tool which you can use to make your tasks easier.